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Cast/Crew Bios

Intro to biography section: We would like to thank the cast and crew who worked very hard, especially considering that we paid them in pizza. Everyone wore many, and they all work full-time jobs in the real world. Read on to hear us sing their praises.

Kurt Allen
Trooper Dante
Hockey Trooper
Imperial Officer 2
Protocol Droid
Costumes and Props
Set Construction

Kurt is a graphic designer and Flash animator who lives in the Atlanta area. Aside from playing nearly every role in the film, he helped build costumes and props and allowed the construction of a Death Star hallway in his living room. Additional kudos to the fact that he survived 15,000 takes of the "wrangling" scene.

David Burns
Hockey Trooper
Royal Guard Bob
Creative Concepts
Audio Consulting

David, who also resides in the Atlanta area, is a graphic designer, guitar player, and computer freak (how many people had a LAN in their homes back in 1996?). He provided valuable assistance with the audio and titles, played hockey with a Mousebot, and played the role of Royal Guard Bob (dance, David, dance!).

Bernadette Johnson
Irrate Royal Guard
Coroner Officer
Creative Concepts
MouseBot Controller

Bernadette, an aspiring writer, had the honor of playing every female role in the movie, along with some not so female roles. She controls a mean MouseBot, and happens to be the director's girlfriend (we now know how she got THIS job).

Russell Hatfield
Trooper Randal
Biker Scout

Russell, a systems administrator in northeast Georgia and devout Trekkie, was reluctant to play the role of Trooper Randal. He warmed right up to the part, however, once we poured a fifth of Jack into him. His personal web site is at

Charles Nicolosi
DeathStar Gunner
Imperial Officer 1
Pringles officer

Charles, a network administrator in northeast Georgia, is the quietest person in our motley band. Despite this, he had more on-camera speaking time than anyone else in the film, which he executed flawlessly on all twenty-five takes. For more information, go to his personal web site at

Jon Nail
Helmeted Guard 1
Hockey Trooper
Trooper Jay

Jon, AKA Nail, is a junior art director in the Atlanta area. Smart ass that he is, we knew right away that he'd be perfect for the part of Trooper Jay. He did a great Imperial officer too.

Carl Borders
Trooper Mosier
Helmeted Guard 2

Carl, our slave labor high school student, just happened to be in our area when we needed some extra bodies to fill costumes. He's proof positive that anyone will do in a pinch. We're just kidding. He did a great job. He even brought us food (isn't it supposed to work the other way around?).

Brad Smith
Media 100 Editing

Brad, our illustrious Media 100 editor, saved our asses. Praise be to you, Brad. We will get you your stormtrooper helmet. We promise!!!! Email me and tell me where you live these days. No, seriously. I do remember that I owe you a helmet!!!

Eddie Ketzler
Digital Consulting

Eddie provided valuable advice and information, and he hooked us up with Brad. Eddie editing down our final audio. There is a beta version of Trooper Clerks running around on the internet if you can find it.

Mark Moffitt
Audio Consulting

Mark, is an HTML production specialist and audio/video guy in the Atlanta area. He leant his well trained ear to our little project and told us how much the sound sucked.

Cathy Borders
Costumes and Props

Cathy, a high school math teacher, spawned our high school slave labor (see above) and sewed many costumes for us.

Jeff Allen
Creative Concepts
Costumes and Props
Set Construction

Jeff, the auteur behind Trooper Clerks, is also an HTML production specialist. Aside from being an aspiring director, he designed and built nearly every costume in the film. Jeff definitely has way too much time on his hands, but that's partially because he never sleeps. His motto: "I'll sleep when I'm dead."

Special thanks to the following:

Paul Detewiler, for suffering through Jeff's tyrannical direction on the first version of the voiceovers. Sorry you didn't make it into the final cut, but such is show business.

Jamil, owner of the Classic City General Store in Athens, Georgia, for allowing us to film in his store late at night, keeping him from closing on time and running off potential customers.

Steve and the other guys at Video Library in Athens, for letting us run off their customers, as well.


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