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Trailer Credits

CAST in order of apperance
Trooper Dante Kurt Allen
Trooper Randal Russell Hatfield
DeathStar Gunner Charles Nicolosi
GNK-PowerDroid Kurt Allen
Imperial Officer 1 Charles Nicolasi
Biker Scout Russell Hatfield
Greedo Charles Nicolosi
Helmeted Guard 1 Jon Nail
Trooper Mosier Carl Borders
Hockey Troopers Jon Nail
David Burns
Kurt Allen
Helmeted Guard 2 Carl Borders
Irrate Royal Guard Bernadette Johnson
Imperial Officer 2 Kurt Allen
Pringles officer Charles Nicolosi
Coroner Officer Bernadette Johnson
Trooper Jay Jon Nail
Royal Guard Bob David Burns
Protocol Droid Kurt Allen
Creative Concepts Jeff Allen
David Burns
Bernadette Johnson
Director Jeff Allen
Media 100 Editing Brad Smith
Digital Consulting Eddie Ketsler
Audio Consulting Mark Moffit
David Burns
Titles/Logos David Burns
Kurt Allen
Costumes and Props Jeff Allen
Kurt Allen
Cathy Borders
Set Construction Kurt Allen
Jeff Allen
MouseBot Controller Bernadette Johnson
Filmed on Location in Athens, Georgia at

Classic City General Store

The Video Library

We'd like to thank Kevin Smith and George Lucas upfront for not taking our butts to court for using their creations in such a comical manner. This product is not to be sold anywhere at anytime in any fashion. If you see this trailer being sold in any manner please take the time to dismemebr the sales party and stretch their entrails across the open plains of Nebraska. Nebraska is a nice state but do not cross into Colorado fromn there. Coloradoans are very protective of their cattle. Do not tip their cattle over at night. It could hurt the bovine. Are they bovine if they're cattle? I dunno.. I do not have access to an encyclopedia at this time.This trailer is a spoof of a spoof of a spoof. So get spoofed. This trailer may be freely distributed to other parties if the original creator is asked first. Ask nicely and you'll be amased at what you'll receive. Good night and good luck to all in the future.

Copywrite 1998 Jeff Allen


© 2000 - Present Studio Creations
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